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    Question: My project isn’t weeding properly. What did I do wrong?

    Answer: Most likely your cut settings are set incorrectly on your machine. Head over to our cut settings page to make sure your cut setting are correct. If your cut settings are correct and you’re still having trouble, it’s possible you have a dull blade or you’re dealing with a difficult piece of vinyl. Some of the glitter heat transfer vinyl can be difficult to weed just by its thick nature.

    Question: Is there a trick to weeding small letters and intricate designs?

    Answer: There are a few tips to weeding small letters and intricate designs. A big suggestion is to find fonts that are thicker. This will make them easier to weed. Another big tip when weeding is to take it slow. It can be fun to see your design come to life and easy to get ahead of yourself. But slow and steady really does win race when it comes to weeding intricate designs and small fonts.

    Question: Do I need to use a weeding box with my design?

    Answer: Weeding boxes obviously aren’t required but can make weeding your design a lot easier. It can also be helpful in trying to conserve vinyl.

    Siser Videos: (hint: this works with an electric griddle too!)