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    Question: What heat transfer vinyl can be layered and what can’t?

    Answer: Siser Holographic heat transfer vinyl cannot be layered on top of or underneath any other heat transfer vinyl. Siser Glitter and Siser Brick 600 can be layered on top of other heat transfer vinyl’s but not underneath. For a more detailed list of what can and cannot be layered please view this document from Siser’s website for further instructions.

    Question: Can I layer glitter heat transfer vinyl?

    Answer: Glitter heat transfer vinyl is not a vinyl that should be layered. However, if you use the knockout technique you can get that layered look without actually layering the glitter on top of each other. Check out this video by Siser to learn how you can do the knockout method.

    Question: Do I need to put something between my vinyl and iron to protect it from the heat?

    Answer: Yes. You can use a piece of multipurpose paper or a Teflon sheet to protect your vinyl from your iron. This is especially important when you’re layering vinyl on top of each other. You can purchase a piece of multipurpose paper or a Teflon sheet here.

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